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Talking Tea

Talking Tea is a podcast in which Ken Cohen talks to people around North-America (and even Europe) to learn more about North American tea culture. Expect lots and lots of information on Chinese tea, Japanese tea and tea culture when listening to his interviews!

At the time of writing the third season of Talking Tea just started, which means that if you don’t know this podcast yet, you have a lot to catch up to! I love listening to these interviews when I’m on the bike to work, or enjoying the sun in the park. It’s an easy way to bring your tea learning materials with you everywhere you go.

Talking Tea

Ken Cohen is an expert on Japanese tea and tea ceremony, but a lot of his episodes are tackling the topic of Chinese tea as well. Cohen fits really well in his role as an interviewer: he clearly knows a lot about tea but he interviews in a very humble way, not taking the stage showing off his knowledge, but asking just the right questions and listening to the guests in the show. His shows with Shunan Teng from Tea Drunk (who has a video channel herself) on Pu’er, Gua Pian and Silver Needle (links) are very interesting, as are the interviews with Shiuwen Tai, owner of Floating Leaves Seattle and export on Taiwanese oolongs. But there is a lot more to listen to with nice episodes on Japanese tea, the culture of Tea, the Qi of Tea, the Tea Ceremony, The Art of Tea, anything you can think of.

You can either download the podcast in iTunes or listen the episodes on the website of Talking Tea (click here).