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Feng Qing Xiang Gui Dian Hong – a world class love story

Feng Qing Xiang Gui Dian Hong tasting time! In fact I brewed this tea a few times before writing down my tasting notes and the colder the weather got, the better this tea got.

I ordered this black/red tea (you can discuss on that) from Yunnan Sourcing not long after the spring pluck of 2016 was being released in the online store. It was my first Yunnan tea besides Pu’er and it grabbed me instantly. But I felt I wasn’t drinking this at the right time of year. Maybe the biggest sign for that was a session in the middle of summer while it was 30 degrees Celcius outside. After drinking this Dian Hong my shirt was soaking wet. Honestly I never felt so hot inside my body. I decided to wait for autumn to arrive to really test the capabilities of this tea.

A picture taken during the summer, before the sweat-outbreak

A picture taken during the summer session, before the sweat-outbreak

What I love about this tea is what it gives the eye. A beautiful coppery brown autumn color in a thick, juicy liquor. That thickness is visible on the white gong fu cha utensils I have. You can never empty your cup completely because there is always some thick smooth juices staying behind in the teaware. Truly beautiful, as are the leaves. Mouthwatering buds everywhere you look.

Juicy buds.

That’s juicy.

The taste of this tea is strong and makes me think of liquorice with cacao, honey, citrus and hay notes, while reminding me of an autumn forest hike on a wet floor covered with leaves. It has an incredible stamina, brewing so many times that your tummy will say NO before even coming close to the end of this tea.

If not convinced by my review, check out this comment on Feng Qing Xiang Gui Dian Hong on the Yunnan Sourcing website that made me want to order this tea back in spring. I just loved the story of  the long desire for a tea you once tried and never were able to find again. And then, that moment that you are reunited and it brings back all the memories of your previous journeys – a world class tea love story.