Hello it’s me!

I think every tealover has been at this point where he or she had too many teas to handle. Well, that’s where I am now. According to my notebook I am in the possession of over 60 teas and samples. Yes, it’s that bad. With two or three teas I brew every day it will take me at almost a month to steep every tea I have available.

It’s not an addiction. Well, it is, but not in a way that I can’t control myself. I am at this stage in my ‘tea life’ where I want to try as much as possible to know what the world of tea has to offer. I can’t read a book or listen to a podcast without knowing what that tea tastes like. So I don’t have any regrets on the amount of tea I bought. I suspect that when the years pass by, I develop a more specific taste for the teas that I’m looking for. Now I just want to try, try, try.

So who am I? My name is Jelmer van der Dussen, born in 1990 and I am a proud resident of the beautiful city of Amsterdam. One day I will work in the tea business, I hope. Until then, I’m learning, smelling and tasting as much as I can.TeaLeafster

I think the beginning of my tea story is the same as many of yours. Cold winter nights, blankets, teabags. Nothing wrong with that (especially the blankets), until you discover your first ‘real’ tea. For me, it started with some blends from a local shop in Utrecht, then I looked for shops with pure teas, then I started to read more about it and I finally decided that tea is the way of life for me after ending up in Kyoto, Japan. And now there is Tea Leafster.

Tea Leafster is my way of sharing with you my first steps on my tea journey (and some travel stories). I hope other newbies in tea can use this website as their little guide in this enormous world, and I hope that you seasoned tealovers out there share your experiences with me, to help me learn more about this fascinating miracle called tea.

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments, on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or contact me through this form! Anyone craving for some tea while visiting Amsterdam, you are most welcome for a session!