My InstaTea Friends Book: @exoteaque

For tea lovers there is really no better online community than the Instagram community. So many tea enthusiasts are active on Instagram on a daily basis, spreading their newest tea finds and tasting notes. I love Instagram for the tea community and the tea geeks active on it provide a very valuable stream of information on the best teas and shops around. That’s why I want to feature the accounts I love to follow in my ‘My InstaTea Friends Book’. This week: @exoteaque!

Note from tealeafster:
The Instagram-account of @exoteaque for me really stands out because of the splash shots. Beautifuly captured split seconds of tea splashing into a cup making all kinds of forms and shapes. It really never bores to see the shots of @exoteaque and it’s nice to see that true tea is appreciated in Gong Fu Cha style in Indonesia as well! I wish I knew when I was there so we could have done some teageeking. Next time!

What’s in your cup right now?
Da Hong Pao

Where are you from?
I’m from BSD City in Tangerang, Indonesia

What is your involvement with tea?
Hobby and Business, I have a tea room in the area where I live

How many teas & teapots are currently in your stash?
Currently I have 50 teas and 20 tea sets

Your favorite kind of tea?
Wu Yi Shan Oolong

Best tea you drank in the past six months?
Tie Guan Yin

Your recommended shops to buy tea?
Physical: Teh 63 (Milk OoLongs), Jin Pin (Pu Erh), and TWG (blends) – Online: Toko Teh Huang Fung. I don’t buy teas online that often, usually the sommeliers of those physical tea shops contacted me if they have new good teas.

Your favorite tea house to visit?
TWG (Marina Bay Sands Singapore & Plaza Senayan Indonesia)

Are you a consumer of Indonesian teas as well?
Yes I do drink Indonesian teas, I like the Javanese Oolong and the regular Javanese Black Tea, from the mountains of Bandung, Sukabumi, and Malang.

Your favorite picture from your Instagram account?
I like the dynamic form, the color of the tea and how the light eminates through the liquid

Your favorite tea accounts to follow on Instagram?
@tea_tography and

Any other platforms we can follow you on?
Only on Instagram and Facebook

Thanks @exoteaque for filling in my InstaTea Friends Book!

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