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For tea lovers there is really no better online community than the Instagram community. So many tea enthusiasts are active on Instagram on a daily basis, spreading their newest tea finds and tasting notes. I love Instagram for the tea community and the tea geeks active on it provide a very valuable stream of information on the best teas and shops around. That’s why I want to feature the accounts I love to follow in my ‘My InstaTea Friends Book’. This week: @myteaflow!

Note by tealeafster:
If it’s a word, instateafamous would be a striking introduction for @myteaflow. I think everyone in the tea community on Instagram knows her for her o so energetic and passionate posts on tea. Not only mouthwatering pictures and beautiful setups for real tea appreciation, but also inspiring comments on the tea and the feeling it gives you. She is incredibly good in sharing her Way of Tea. Her entry for my InstaTea Friends Book gave me so much energy and I’ve had so much fun reading this. I hope you too will be inspired by her way of tea.

What’s in your cup right now/today?
Right now I’m finishing a very interesting high grade Yancha called “Sparrow’s Tongue” from a virtual Tea session I had a few minutes ago with my benefactor for this tea, a very dear friend!

Where are you from?
Puerto Rico

What is your involvement with tea?
I’m just in Love with Tea!!! …and I only intend to share that Love with others if they allow me!
I usually post 3 pictures a day that “metaphorically” tell my flow with the Teas. It is mostly like a conversation between the “Tea” and me. The quotes generally are my reflection or literally what I feel the “Tea” was trying to teach me that particular day or moment.

How many teas & teapots are currently in your stash?
Just teapots? I think…around 8. Teas? Darjeelings alone I have a little bit more than 30, and between Greens (mostly Japanese), Oolongs, Shous, Shengs and Red teas I have around 80 maybe.

Favorite kind of tea?
All!!! I love all of them!

Best tea you drank in the past six months?
Well, that is hard for me to say, but my favorites have been those that are very complex but also have touched my soul deeper and that remind me or resemble a local taste, like: “Jade Star” a white tea puer cake from Chinalife (note: now Mei Leaf) that remind me of our local “Panas de Pepita” (Bread Nuts), “Young Gushu”, a sheng also from Chinalife that resemble the taste of our “Pomarosas Amarillas” (Yellow Rose Apples), and a beautifully handcrafted Japanese Black/Oolong from @jozkylantea that took me through the journey of making our cherished “Pasteles” (no translation for this one) from green plantain and bananas leaves.

I have also been blessed with the opportunity to know almost more than 30 different types of the most amazing Darjeelings Teas raging from whites, greens, and 1st and 2nd flush by the kindness of Mr. Nalin Moda. From those my favorites have been a “Himalayan White” that taste like our yellow sweet potatoes, “Himalayan Snow Hand Roll” green tea that reminded me of “Orange Flower Water,” a very common tonic used here for alleviating anxiety, “Jungpana” 2nd flush that can charm anyone with its aroma and taste of homemade sweet butter bread and “Pussimbing’ also a 2nd flush that resemble our bright and sweet grapefruits.

Likewise I have been learning about the elegance and enjoying ones of the most well-crafted Japanese, Taiwanese and Wuyi Chinese teas also through the kindness of another tea friend who always prefer to keep herself anonymous. From those, I have felt in Love with a “Blended Sencha” from Hibiki-an that have the most alluring aroma and taste of sweet buttered scallops, a marvelous rolled “Bamboo Oolong” that have been roasted 12 times, an interesting and fancy “Yellow Rose” Yancha, and today the robust “Sparrow’s Tongue”…I can’t finish!!! As you see I truly love all teas! 😀

Recommended shops to buy tea?
Well, from those I have buy from so far, online, my favorites are: Chinalife/Mei Leaf, Bitterleaf Teas, Eco-Cha and Tea Trekker, and I have also enjoyed a lot my monthly subscription from Global Tea Hut. Physically: Ten Ren’s Tea, Red Blossom Tea, and Vital Leaf all at Chinatown San Francisco, and Namaste and The Tea at Turin, Italy.

Favorite tea house to visit?
Here, the only one is “La Wafflera” However, they are not precisely a Tea House, but they do have a Tea menu. I love their White Peony! While traveling, my favorite Tea Houses have been a traditional Tea Ceremony House at Uji, Japan, and The Tea at Turin, Italy.

Your three goals for this new Tea Year of the Rooster?
Keep learning, keep Flowing, and share more…my Love for Tea!

Your favorite picture from your Instagram account and why?
From my lasts posts this two are my favorite. I feel the Teas can speak by themselves through them.


D18: Life is like Jazz…Flow‼ “We learn and grow and are transformed not so much by what we do but by why and how we do it” -Sharon Salzberg . . Black/Oolong 2016Miyazaki, Japan @jozkylantea …Oh my little babies, I knew you will speak to his soul. However, he chose you on his own …and we just traveled together! From the humble wood house from our birthplace, to the heart of our profession and childhood. We played on the beautiful fields and pastures of the countryside, soften fresh plantain leaves over the fire, and finally landed on the “pasteles” factory. . . #tea #looseleaftea #blackoolong #nofilter #miyazaki #japan #jozkylantea #teawisdom #thetea #ramdass #beherenow #teaflow #loveflow #myteaflow #season3 #mylife #mylifewithtea #myhome #puertorico #theworld #flower

Een foto die door myteaflow is geplaatst op

Your favorite tea accounts to follow on Instagram?
All of those with whom I can truly interact by exchanging comments and likes between each other. At present I follow 300…all of them are my fave! Especially the ones that always leave me a kind message and that we can learn together about Tea and each other culture.

On what other platforms/websites can we follow you?
On my blog …Bright blessings, kind Love, and …Flow! 😀

Thank you very much for this energetic and inspiring Insta Tea Friends Book entry @myteaflow!

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  1. Thanks to you dear Jelmer!!! …for the opportunity to share my Love for tea with you and your followers. Your blog and IG acc are truly amazing! I’m the one honored with your invitation!

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