My InstaTea Friends Book: @raymondbroersen

For tea lovers there is really no better online community than the Instagram community. So many tea enthusiasts are active on Instagram on a daily basis, spreading their newest tea finds and tasting notes. I love Instagram for the tea community and the tea geeks active on it provide a very valuable stream of information on the best teas and shops around. That’s why I want to feature the accounts I love to follow in my ‘My InstaTea Friends Book’. This week: @raymondbroersen!

Note from tealeafster:
@raymondbroersen is someone from the Dutch tea scene I love to follow on a daily base. This is a guy of taste. Great taste. His Instagram is full of the best teas, the most beautiful teapots, the best chocolate, the best whiskey (or whisky ;-)), the best coffee (and some tangerine art), but mostly, tea. Every time @raymondbroersen posts a picture of a tea from a tea seller I didn’t know about, I can’t help myself checking out the online store, trying not to order again, fighting my tea addiction. He is an inspiration with his teapicks AND he is working in the Dutch tea business, in a shop that, for most tea lovers in Holland, is the gateway to good quality tea because of their accessibility and easy-to-process information on the topic. Thanks for being on the third edition of ‘My InstaTea Friends Book’, @raymondbroersen!

What’s in your cup?
A Gyokuro Tsurujirushi from O-cha to start the day and had a Puerh from White2Tea, Fade 2016. Both were really nice, sweet and body.

Where are you from?
I live in the Netherlands.

What is your involvement with tea?
I work at Simon Lévelt, a coffee and teashop, in Amstelveen. When I started, just over 2 years ago, I had zero knowledge about tea. But my knowledge grew rapidly and I made it into a hobby as well.

How many teas are currently in your stash?
There will be around 30 different teas in my stash. From green to black, mostly China, Japan and Taiwan.

Favorite kind of tea?
There isn’t just one tea that I like. It all depends on my mood.

Best tea you drank in the past six months?
I was really impressed when I drank a Longjing that was 1,5 years old. I thought it was too old to drink, no taste and dull. But when I made it the aroma reached me and I had to drink it. It was full of taste, not as fresh as a newly picked and processed Longjing, but it was nutty, sweet and the aftertaste was long and very pleasant. I did not throw it away but needed to keep it, needed to drink it once in a while and also wanted to see what happens with this tea when it ‘ages’  even more.

7. Recommended shops to buy tea?
Maybe I am prejudiced but Simon Lévelt Amstelveen, is a good physical shop to go to, especially when I am working ;-). Also Formocha is a great shop in Amsterdam. Online there are a lot of great shops. Maybe too much to mention them all. O-cha for there Matcha, Eco-Cha and TaiwanTeaCrafts for there Taiwan, White2Tea and YunnanSourcing for there Puerh and China.

8. Favorite tea house to visit?
I believe it was Qingteng Tea House in Hangzhou. Tea was okay, but the lunch was great. Here in The Netherlands the only place I have been to was Cups and Leafs in Haarlem. They have a nice tea collection and the owners do have a lot of knowledge.

9. Dilemma: Never to drink tea anymore/never to drink or eat coffee,
whiskey and chocolate anymore
Uhm. Never to drink tea…. isn’t an option. So let’s go for coffee and whiskey. Why? Because I can drink tea without getting exhausted or drunk. And I prefer whisky over whiskey 😉

10. Your favorite picture from your Instagram account?
Love this picture because of the simplicity and serenity.


Bang Dong Hong cha. #white2tea #bangdong #hongcha #tea

Een foto die is geplaatst door Raymond Broersen (@raymondbroersen) op

Also love this picture. No filter was used, just HDR with an iPhone 7Plus. Morning at the harbour.


This is no black and white photo. Just a HDR shot with an iPhone 7 Plus. #iphone7plus #photography #hdr #nobw #hoorn

Een foto die is geplaatst door Raymond Broersen (@raymondbroersen) op

11. Your favorite tea accounts to follow on Instagram?
@bitterleafteas, @volkan_huoshan, @teaism99, @i.n.clay, @teanebs, @tealeafster, @darksideoftea, @tokoname.isobe and lots more.

12. On what other platforms/websites can we follow you?
Twitter, but all posts on Instagram will automatically be posted on Twitter. But that’s it.

Thank you @raymondbroersen for filling in My InstaTea Friends Book!

Also check out the last two editions with @tea_tography and @teanebs!

Next week there will be no InstaTea Friends Book because of a trip to Norway. This feature will be back in the second week of January!

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