My InstaTea Friends Book: @tbyliset

For tea lovers there is really no better online community than the Instagram community. So many tea enthusiasts are active on Instagram on a daily basis, spreading their newest tea finds and tasting notes. I love Instagram for the tea community and the tea geeks active on it provide a very valuable stream of information on the best teas and shops around. That’s why I want to feature the accounts I love to follow in my ‘My InstaTea Friends Book’. This week: @tbyliset!

Note from @tealeafster:
One, maybe two days after I visited the Obubu Tea Farm in Wazuka, Kyoto last year, @tbyliset started her internship at the farm. Although we didn’t meet right there and then in Japan, we did a few months later for a Japanese weekend course in The Hague. Since then we meet up every once in a while for some excessive tea drinking and geeking and now Liset is on the verge of opening her webshop selling teas of Obubu. Yet she found some time to fill in this InstaTea Friends book, for which I am very grateful. Thanks and good luck with your new tea business @tbyliset!

What’s in your cup right now?
Kabuse Sencha from Obubu Tea Farms.

Where are you from?
The Netherlands

What is your involvement with tea?
I am a teageek and tea sommelier studying at the ITC Academy, and the owner of TbyLiset.

How many teas & teapots are currently in your stash?
I’ll have to count, but it is a lot. 3 Gaiwans, 4 big Kyusu, 1 small Kyusu, a Jixing Teapot, 2 Houhin, and about 10 regular teapots in different sizes for one to 5 people. A complete Japanese teaset, A Gong Fu Cha set. And many different teacups, English teacups, Japanese teacups. Also, I have about 55 different kinds of tea. Most of them are Green Teas and Oolong.

Your favorite kind of tea?
Kabuse Sencha actually.

Best tea you drank in the past six months?
That is really hard to answer… There are so many different kinds of tea which stand out on different moments. I think it is impossible to compare a Green Tea to an Oolong or Black tea.. So for me the best tea is the tea I love at that moment.

Your recommended shops to buy tea?
I currently don’t really have a favorite shop. I love to spend my time searching for different shops and ordering tea from them haha!

Your favorite tea house to visit?
I loved the visit to the Theefabriek here in The Netherlands. The quality of the tea wasn’t necesserily good, but I love the information and experience they provide in their exhibition. I will have to search for a favorite teashop, currently I have a long To-Do list and an almost non-existant Done list! I enjoy spending time and drinking tea with friends at home.

The absolute best tea you shared with @tealeafster;)
That would be the Kabuse Sencha! Or the Oolong from Myanmar @tealeafster had at home! I think I need acces to his unending stash of tea samples 😉

Your favorite picture from your Instagram account?
I love a lot of my pictures because I do not like to take pictures according to rules as lighting.. But this picture I love the most. I was able to capture the tea in a beautiful and creative way. It was actually super satisfying to be able to capture the tea with the Instax Camera as well!

Your favorite tea accounts to follow on Instagram?
The podcasts and videos of @worldteapodcast are both informative and funny.

On what other platforms/websites can we follow you?
You can find me on Facebook and Instagram, for both my profesional (@tbyliset) as my personal (@mvrliset) accounts. I also have my website (now only in Dutch). The English version is still being made. Here you can find info about me, book tea tastings and in the (near) future my webshop will open too! I also write short blogs for Kotatsu TV (in Dutch) about Japanese tea!


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