My InstaTea Friends Book: @teanebs

For tea lovers there is really no better online community than the Instagram community. So many tea enthusiasts are active on Instagram on a daily basis, spreading their newest tea finds and tasting notes. I love Instagram for the tea community and the tea geeks active on it provide a very valuable stream of information on the best teas and shops around. That’s why I want to feature the accounts I love the follow in my ‘My InstaTea Friends Book’. First: @teanebs!

Note from Tea Leafster
The Instagram account of @teanebs is the perfect example of what makes Instagram such a nice tea community. Pure, day to day tea photos without any strings attached to shops or farmers. Just a tea lover sharing the cup of the day, and by that, educating me on the best teas and shops around (The Japanese green teas of Yunomi in this case). Thanks for being on the first edition of My InstaTea Friends Book!

What’s in your cup?
– I just had a Superfine Longjing.

Where are you from?
– Espoo, Finland

What is your involvement with tea?
– I’m a tea enthusiast who posts pictures and writes reviews about tea.

How many teas are currently in your stash?
– 25-35 excluding samples.

Your favorite kind of tea?
– Hard one, but I have to say green tea.

Best tea you drank in the past six months?
– Another hard one since I’ve had many great teas. First one that comes to my mind is Nanadan Asamushi Okumidori Sencha by Yunomi teas. That first steep blows your socks off.

Favorite shop to buy tea?
– Cannot say. I have different go-to places for each kind of tea and even for specific teas.

Favorite tea house to visit?
– Théhuone in Helsinki. They have a huge menu and refills are free. I like the cozy feeling.

Dilemma: never to drink a Chinese tea anymore/never to drink a Tawainese tea anymore
– I looove Taiwanese oolongs, but I pick Chinese teas for their diversity

Your favorite picture from your Instagram account?
– I really like the contrast of this and the tea was really good (look at those leaves!)

Your favorite tea accounts to follow on Instagram
– Not in any specific order: @bitterleafteas, @jyrkisan, @volkan_huoshan, @teaism99, @teamountain and @stephane_erler.

On what other platforms/websites can we follow you?
Instagram, my blog in Finnish and some articles in English (click for website) and Steepster.


  1. Really nice article! It was such an honour to be first of the series. I can’t wait until the next one, who might that be. ^^

    • Jelmer van der Dussen

      Yaaay, thanks for writing in my friends book! The next is already in line… To ben continued!

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