Shunan Teng (Tea Drunk)

If you’re interested in tea trips, the origin and the processing of tea, than the videos of Shunan Teng from Tea Drunk are a great resource.

As the owner of Tea Drunk, a teahouse based in New York I’d love to visit one day, she travels to the land of tea every year to source her teas. I first heard Shunan speak in an episode of the Talking Tea podcast and was immediately hooked to her stories. She has an incredible knowledge of tea and is pretty outspoken about everything that’s going on in the tea world. You can learn so much of her just by listening to her. In her videos on the Youtube channel of Tea Drunk she takes the viewers with her on her tea trips and gives them a unique insight on how to source and process tea.

Pretty much all the teas are covered in her videos: from raw pu’er in Yunnan to Tai Ping Hou Kui to the Phoenix Mountain Dancongs. She climbs the tea mountains, helps the farmers pluck the tea and sometimes even processes the tea herself, or gives a detailed overview of how the tea masters process their tea. I’m always very grateful for people like Shunan and also Don Mei to share their incredible knowledge of tea with others. They are a great inspiration and I can honestly say they are my YouTube-teamasters. Time to book a ticket now and travel to those incredible teamountains myself!

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