Maojian – the best of China and Japan

Maojian is the most famous tea from Henan province and as far as I know this was my first try at a Maojian or a Henan tea ever. The Maojian turned out to be a great choice for a hot after summer day in Amsterdam.

I’m getting more and more into Chinese green teas, especially teas with roasted nutty tones. This Maojian, however, doesn’t have the typical Long Jing flavors. It is more related to the Sichuan Zhu Ye Qing, or maybe even a Japanese tea. The tea starts very light in the mouth with sweet and grassy tones and gives a subtle salty feeling on the tongue. That saltiness grows with every steep. It has vegetable tones, spinach-like, combined with a lovely sweetness. Those savory, salty and sweet tones give an interesting combination in the mouth.


Maojian is plucked very young (this one was from March 15) and consists only of very fine leaves. The dry leaf is pretty compact: 5 grams doesn’t really look like 5 grams. It has that ‘spikiness’ of a Japanese Gyokuro and the smell as well, which is light, fresh and grassy. The dry leaf is a bit green-greyish and transforms into a beautiful, fresh, light green, young bud that is very pleasing for the eye.


This Maojian was perfect for the occasion (a very, very hot day). Light, refreshing and the complexity of sweet, salty and savory fighting for their place on your tongue made this an interesting session again! I can’t imagine a day being good without a good tea session!


Dry leaf (l) & wet leaf (r) Maojian

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