A refreshing and juicy dip into Alishan Cream

So, I wasn’t feeling all too well today. Short night, tired of work. I had the afternoon off and decided I needed some ‘comfort tea’. And this Alishan Cream, a Jin Xuan from Taiwan, turned out to be the best possible choice.

In case you wonder why pretty much all my reviews are positive: I have some shitty teas too, but they don’t deserve a place on this website as I like to spread positive vibes. Next to that, pretty much all the samples I bought and received, I liked very much. So, that being sad, this Alishan Cream was one of those. I had my eye on this tea for quite a while, so I was super excited to finally open this sampler. It was a large amount, 8 grams, and I followed up on the brewing guide of Mei Leaf this time and didn’t have any regrets.


The dried leaves looked very healthy and even in color and by the time the aroma of the rinse hit me all my tiredness was forgotten already. I rinsed it for a very short time, so after first steeping the leaves were not fully opened yet, as was the taste. It gave sweet hints of honey and a floral taste and you could really feel something was starting in this tea. I think that’s what differs an okay tea with a very good tea. With an okay tea this taste would never develop into something complex, but with a very good tea like this one the taste is getting more interesting with every brew.


In the second brew the tea was really starting to develop into a stronger, creamier tea with more body. And after the third brew, when the leaves started to open up completely, I could say: there it is! It was so rich, nice and creamy with fruity, slightly peachy, and floral notes. I don’t know how many times I steeped this Alishan Cream but it wasn’t the taste that made me decide to wrap up the tea session, it was my full tea belly. And that says everything about how much I liked this tea. This Alishan Cream is sold by Mei Leaf, one of my favorite stores you know by now, for a fair price. 10 pounds for 60 grams of magic.


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