2 years in 21 days – an unforgettable Tea Trip

Every single day on this journey I shook my head out of disbelief with a big smile on my face. How could everything work out so well in one single trip. I’ve had travels that were going great, but there were always moments of disappointment or adversity. This time however, my karma was extremely good.

I left Amsterdam over three weeks ago for Shanghai for a little tea trip in China. I had some ideas on the trip but didn’t plan anything. That turned out to be the best way, as everyday something happened that I could never have expected to happen, nor could ever have planned.

I meant to keep you more updated than I did, but the first two weeks were just crazy busy (a good sign when travelling), and afterwards a database error of Tea Leafster and a WiFi rejecting laptop prevented me from posting.

I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t mind anyway. Every moment spending behind the laptop meant missing out on some incredible experiences on the tea road. The people, oh my… I can watch beautiful tea trees scattered over hills and mountains for weeks, but that was not what made these three weeks so special. The people did. I made lots of friends, both in and outside the tea world, and got reunited with old friends. I met people by fate that took me around for days and turned into my tea teachers. People I have learned more from in a few days than I ever could learn by myself in years. Chinese people are so kind and generous, and Chinese tea people take that to an even higher level. For 21 days that feel like  2 years I was on a high that even the best Pu’er wouldn’t get you on.

There is no way I can properly describe how rich this trip was, but I will try to in the next couple of weeks by walking you through the visits that I made to the tea regions. I have made a lot of pictures, videos and notes that I will try to sort out and process in the near future and I am looking forward to share my experiences with you. My travels took me to Suzhou, Anji, Huangshan, Qimen, Wuyishan, Chaozhou and Shanghai. In a random order I will describe these visits AND do some Instagram giveaways of some teas I brought from China, so stay tuned. Please give me time to sort everything out, to process all the things I experienced in my head, and then I will start writing soon.

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