Duck Sh*ttylicious – That’s two d*ss*rts, for one!

Fancy some Duck Shit? I do. Lots of Duck Shit. Keep them coming, because it’s my new favorite tea (Yes, I know I said that before. Indeed, with almost every tea).

To be honest: this was my first Duck Shit (Ya Shi Xiang) experience. But it has blown me away. What I loved about this tea was its richness in taste. No taste you had to look for, just here, in your face! It started incredibly sweet, a fruity kind of sweetness with orange and peach notes. It’s super bright and fresh and the taste in your mouth just won’t go away: it is that strong.

Duck Shit Oolong

The only thing I missed a little in the first brews: a bit of that thickness, creaminess that I like in for instance high mountain oolongs. But as soon as that thought came up, the next brew was creamy, buttery, thick. Almond notes filling your mouth. I would say this tea definitely has two stages, two kinds of dessert in one tea. Especially the second stage I loved: the creaminess combined with the still dominant sweet, fruity notes. This tea gave me the WOW feeling that I’m looking for in tea, and I just want to order as many kinds of Duck Shit at every store to compare, try, see how good this particular sample actually is. Please let me know which places are good for buying Duck Shit!

Duck Shit Oolong

So who makes this kind of magic? Well, there is a woman named Sharon on Instagram and Facebook whose parents are tea farmers on Fenghuang Mountain and she shares their work with the rest of the world. The Huang family takes small orders so that tea lovers can order directly and I can tell you: just buy it. You’ll have no regrets. But if you want to have a little taste first, you can also contact them for samples, for your store, your blog or just personal use. They will only ask for a shipping fee and you can test the tea yourself. She has an Instagram account that is worth the follow already, because you get a great insight on the process of making the tea and beautiful views on the tea mountains. Follow Sharon on Instagram via @wudongtea

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