It’s Tea Leafster Launch Day!

Finally, it’s there… Launch Day! Over the last couple of months, after enjoying myself very much writing and photographing for my Instagram account, I started working on a website on tea and it could have been finished a lóóóóng time ago. But, you know how it goes… One day you are working on it from early morning until late evening and then for weeks you don’t even look at it.

There is a good reason for the delay though. I started working on Tea Leafster without a clear idea of what I wanted to do. Plans come and go, ideas pop up and disappear. Taking the time to think about the content I wanted to publish was necessary. So is this the final product, is this what was in my head? Actually, not at all. But I stopped aiming for the perfect website for launching. I grow into the tea world and so will Tea Leafster.

I would mark the current state of this website as Phase 1. This is my personal view on teas and my experiences with the tea world. My reviews, my pictures, my visits to tea houses. This is the kind of content I would never step away from. But in Phase 2, I would like to extend this website to more informative content. I have lots (really, lots and lots) to learn about tea and I would like to do that with or, most importantly, from the people visiting this website. By interviewing, by researching, by meeting with other tealovers. So as I will share with you all my findings, I would love you to share yours too. In the comments, on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or send me a message using the contact form. Even better: when in Amsterdam, come visit for a tea session!

Over the last few months/weeks I have written a lot of content that is now online on the website. Articles on tea, and a little bit on my travels (especially videos and photo galleries). Please note that for tea reviews, the teas are all paid by myself or send to me by a seller or farmer, without any guarentees on positive publications or anything. I really want to share positive vibes, but I will do only so if I can really vouch for the tea or the tea seller. The teas that I recommend on this website, I truly recommend!

Finishing up with a little introduction on myself. My name is Jelmer van der Dussen, born in 1990, proud citizen of Amsterdam, working in sports but passionate in tea. I think the latter you noticed by now! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and (not so active yet) Facebook for updates and pictures and of course keep checking out this website for new content! If you have any feedback on the website, don’t hesitate to contact me as there will always be some flaws or things that could be more visitor-friendly!

Now all that’s left to say is: Welcome! 

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